Piano Sheet Music by PJ Barnes

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (クライシス コア -ファイナルファンタジーVII)

No official sheet music exists for Crisis Core yet. These are merely my personal transcriptions:

CD Track JP Name US Name Sheet Music Download
1 2 「継承」 Theme of Crisis Core "Succession"
(aka "Inheritance")
(See ImportanceOfTruth.pdf below)
1 10 真実の重み Importance of Truth
(aka "Burden of Truth")
1 24 「誇りと共に」 Theme of Crisis Core "Together With Pride"
(aka "Sharing Pride")
(See ImportanceOfTruth.pdf above)

Requests, comments, corrections are all welcome at: pjbarnes@gmail.com

Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections

The reason that most companies don't publish sheet music for video games is because nobody ever buys it! Please buy the official FF7 Piano Collections. You will support the creators of Final Fantasy music, and you will encourage other companies to publish more music for video games. For example, check out the "Piano Collections Final Fantasy VII" page on Play-Asia.com.
Nevertheless, here is a poorly scanned copy: FF7PC.pdf.

Hand-Written Transcriptions for Other Video Game Music

Note: You can often get much better sheet music by finding a MIDI of the song (for example, on http://vgmusic.com), and printing it using a software program.
Nevertheless, if you want my hand-written transcriptions for some of these songs, see below. They are not professional quality! Some of these are very accurate, others are just scratch notes.

Platform Game Song Sheet Music Download
SNES Final Fantasy VI (FF3 US) The Decisive Battle Available by request
SNES Final Fantasy IV (FF2 US) Edward's Theme (harp song) Available by request
NES The Legend of Zelda Title Screen, Dungeon, Level 9, Secret Discovery Zelda.pdf
NES Metroid Title Screen, Game Start, Brinstar, Norfair Available by request
NES Gauntlet Song A Gauntlet-SongA.pdf
NES Gauntlet Song B Gauntlet-SongB.pdf
NES Tetris All three main songs Tetris.pdf
NES Ultima: Exodus Various Available by request
Arcade Galaga Game Start Galaga-GameStart.pdf
Arcade Ms. Pac-Man Intro, Act I, Act II Available by request

Other Sheet Music

I have some other sheet music at my PianoFiles.com page.