Patrick J. Barnes
2900 Roper Dr  •  Plano, TX 75025  •  (469) 450-1186  •

Experience Resolvity Las Colinas, TX
Senior Software Engineer August 2010 - Present
Implemented several business solutions using Java web and IVR technology to improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs in customer service and call centers.
Google Mountain View, CA
Senior Software Engineer Jan 2008 - May 2009
Designed and implemented the "Events and Notifications" architecture for Google's new Billing system, which includes UI and e-mail alerts as well as data synchronization between multiple systems (AdWords, Billing, Risk).

Redesigned the AdWords coupons system, which effectively brings in an estimated 800 million USD in revenue annually.

Maintained the billing-related pages of the AdWords website, including integration with AdWords database and billing system. Also served as Fire Marshall for automated continuous builds to keep code and tests green.

Java Certified by Google's Readability program. Used Java extensively, as well as MySQL and in-house technologies: GXP (similar to JSP), Guice (dependency injection), and Bigtable (large-scale hashmaps).
Intervoice Dallas, TX
Senior Software Engineer Jan 2001 - Dec 2007
Architected and initiated the IC Translator tool, used to translate IQTalk applications to an SCXML-based platform.

Architected and developed the Universal Tuning Tool, used internally by Professional Services to measurably improve speech application performance. Supported: multiple platforms (IQTalk, VXML, HP OCMP), multiple ASR vendors (Nuance, Speechworks, Microsoft), multiple languages, call review and transcription, and offline grammar experiments. Improved voice apps effectively for many customers including Geico, T-Mobile, numerous banks (e.g. Chase, US Bank), Continental Airlines, the I.R.S., Baylor Medical, and Sirius Radio.

"Speech Team" pioneer: co-developed speech recognition proxy to integrate ASR and TTS software with both IQTalk and VXML runtime engines, and added support for Nuance speaker identification and verification.

Developed MRCP server simulator before any commercial implementations were available.

Drove ASR-based testing during VXML Browser development.
Intel Folsom, CA
Software Engineer Intern Jan 2000 - Aug 2000
Developed and maintained a database-driven, web-based system to govern internal processes for creating, qualifying, and delivering software to customers, such as graphics drivers to board manufacturers.
Hewlett Packard Richardson, TX
Design Verification Engineer Intern Jan 1999 - Aug 1999
Developed software to verify the design of HP server hardware.
Skills and
Primary programming skills:
Java (10 years), C++ (7 years); InVision; Perl, Python; MySQL, SQLite3, MSSQL; PHP, JSP, GXP, ASP; HTML, XHTML, CSS, AJAX; ECMAScript, VBScript; XML, XSLT; Android 2.0 SDK.

Voice technology knowledge:
  • Standards: State Chart XML (SCXML), VoiceXML (VXML), Call Control XML (CCXML), Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS), Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition (SISR), Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP), RTSP, RTP, SIP, xHMI; Microsoft Speech Application Language Tags (SALT).
  • Platforms: Intervoice Media Exchange, Intervoice IQTalk (legacy InVision applications), Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2, Edify Voice Interaction Platform (EVIP), HP OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP).
  • ASR Vendor Software: Nuance (Quantum, MRCP, 8.5, 8.0, 7.0.4, Verifier 3.0), SpeechWorks (SWMS, OpenSpeech Recognizer 3.0, 1.0), Microsoft SAPI
  • IDE's: Intervoice IC, InVision Studio 4.x, State Control Editor (SCE), Microsoft Speech Application SDK 1.x, Audium
  • Grammars: W3C SRGS (GRXML, ABNF); Nuance GSL; Statistical Language Models (SLM's) including Robust Parsing

  • Mobile Applications:
  • Developed Android application "Starbucks Card", which earned "Top Android Market Developers" recognition for high customer ratings and usage (over 22,000 people).
  • Education University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, TX
    Master of Science, Computer Science Jan 2007 - May 2010
    Texas A&M University College Station, TX
    Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering Aug 1997 - Dec 2000